Month: July 2014

“The Montessori experience at an early age prepares children at a later age to be able to isolate, classify, discriminate, analyze, and use critical thinking skills.  It is a basis for creative learning and intellectual curiosity.” ~ Dr. Maria Montessori …

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“The first six years of the child are the foundation of all the characteristics, attitudes, and abilities of his adulthood constructed in such a manner that it lasts throughout his whole life.” ~ Dr. Maria Montessori Young children are very …

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Most early childhood education centers such as preschools and Montessori schools (primary classroom) will accept children at 2.5 years old.  That doesn’t necessarily mean your child is ready for preschool.  Your child should be emotionally, physically and cognitively ready to …

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The Montessori Method of education developed by Dr. Maria Montessori is a child-centered educational approach based on scientific observation. Learn More.