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Awesome Cities: Everything There is to Know About Anaheim, CA

Anaheim is one of the most popular cities in Orange County, California. It should be noted that the city is also part of the Los Angeles metropolitan area, which makes for an easy commute between LA and Anaheim. It is estimated that Orange County has the 10th largest population in California, and Anaheim happens to be the second largest city in the county. Still, there is much more to know about the city, and the following will enlighten you about this.

History of the City

There is a lot to learn about the city. For example, the name ‘Anaheim’ is actually a combination of Santa Ana River and the German word for home. Those living in this region noticed the river was near their homes, so they decided to call their city Ana-heim.

It should be noted that the city was founded in 1857 by a small group of German-Americans. This group was hoping to find an area they could settle in and grow grapes, which was one of the crops they knew how to grow well. The group of German-Americans found the perfect patch of land and purchased it.
The group who purchased the land formed the Anaheim Vineyard Company, which neighbors called ‘Campo Aleman.’ This phrase meant German Land in Spanish since most of their neighbors spoke Spanish.

The group who settled on the land succeeded in establishing a wine-making vineyard, but the truth is they were not experts in wine-making. They knew how to cultivate grapes but did not know much about wine. Most of the people in this group were mechanics, carpenters, and craftsmen. It did not take long before the community started to set up things like the town center and the school. The first home in Anaheim was built in 1857, and the first newspaper was published in 1870. Not long after that Anaheim became one of the most successful rural communities in the area.

Time kept moving, and Anaheim was headed to a major change. The construction of Disneyland started on July 16, 1954. Everyone knows that Disneyland is one of the most popular theme parks in the world. It attracts millions of people, which will likely continue.
There is no doubt that Anaheim’s history is quite rich, making a visit pretty exciting.


As it stands, Anaheim is considered to be one of the most diverse locations in Southern California. The US Census reports that the population is a little above 300,000 people. 52.7 percent of the people in the city are white and 2.8 percent is African American. The percentage of Native Americans is 0.8 percent and 14.8 percent Asian. Latinos make up about 52.8 percent of the city. The biggest Latino group is Mexican, but there are other types of Latino groups in the city such as Puerto Ricans and Salvadorians to name a few. These diverse groups have made their mark in the city. There are several ethnic restaurants to check out, making Anaheim a delight for foodies.

The city also has 0.7 percent of same-sex married couples. This percentage seems to be growing.

48.5 percent of the population owns property while 51.5 percent rent property in the city, which means the split is evenhanded.

The Economy

Many Anaheim residents understand that the economy survives off tourism. The Walt Disney Company is the largest employer in the city, making it a pretty important business for those living in the city. Disneyland has made Anaheim one of the happiest places in the world. Those interested in numbers should know that the Disneyland Resort, which is just part of what Disney offers to the city, contributes about $4.7 billion to Southern California’s booming economy.

Of course, there are many other companies that employ people in Anaheim, like the Anaheim Memorial Medical Center or AT&T just to name a few.

Attractions Worth Noting

Anaheim is full of history and culture, which can be seen when a stroll or drive is taken through the city. Of course, everyone knows about Disneyland, but there are other locations to visit such as the Anaheim GardenWalk that contains one of the most beautifully constructed gardens in Southern California.

Those interested in sports would love to know about the Angel Stadium of Anaheim where some of the best baseball games take place. Anaheim’s team is one of the most recognized in the United States. In fact, there have been a few movies that reference the famed Anaheim baseball team.

Others that want to experience a little ice, even though California is technically a desert, might want to consider stopping by Anaheim Ice. It is a great place to experience the beauty of the city and the beauty of ice-related sports.

Famed People

There is no doubt that Anaheim’s history is interesting, but many people make this city stand out in more ways than one. For example, many famed sports people were born here or considered Anaheim their home. There is Barry Asher who is a world famous Hall of Fame bowler or Rod Carew who is Major League Baseball player and Hall of Famer just to name a few.

Those who are interested in a bit of trivia might want to remember the names Carl and Margaret Karcher. This couple was born in Anaheim and founded Carl’s Jr. burgers, which became one of the most popular hamburger chains in the United States.

The 2001 Miss America by the name Angela Perez Baraquio was born in Anaheim, too, and made her city proud when she was crowned the most beautiful woman in the United States that year. Mark William Calaway also made his city proud. He created the popular wrestling character called The Undertaker for WWE.

Kids who love to sing along to SpongeBob themed songs and parents who use the show to give their kids something to do while they relax should thank Anaheim, too. The creator of “SpongeBob SquarePants” is Stephen Hillenburg who was born in Anaheim. It has been one of the most successful modern cartoon creations.
Gwen Stefani, who became famous with her band No Doubt, was also born in this city and became one of the most recognized names in music.
Many other famous people were born in the city that you might find out about when you visit.

Movies and Shows

Anaheim and its surrounding areas have been part of popular culture beyond Disneyland and through some of the famous people mentioned earlier. For example, the movie “Better Luck Tomorrow ” was set in Cypress and Anaheim. The film centered around a few Asian-Americans and their experience in the United States.

The film, “A Scanner Darkly,” was filmed in the city. The movie was set in the future and dealt with issues of identity and the control corporations have over people. It is a very experimental film but one that garnered much attention and asked the kind of questions that would make people think outside the box.

The “O.C,” was a pretty famous TV drama that was set in Orange County. Anaheim is part of Orange County, and the show put the county in people’s minds for years to come. Some people visit Orange County and its neighboring cities because they were fans of the show.

The film, “Angels in the Outfield,” centered around the story of a boy who wished the Anaheim Angels would win the World Series. The wish was granted because real Angels came down from heaven to answer his prayer. It is a family-friendly movie that became quite popular with stars like Danny Glover and a young Joseph Gorden-Levitt.

It seems that many television show creators and movie producers are interested in the city just as much as people are.


Anaheim is still in Southern California, meaning their weather is pleasant and consistent throughout the year. It is considered a Mediterranean climate, which makes the region perfect for cultivating certain crops like grapes. There are still many vineyards and farms in the city where locals can pick up seasonal fruits. Those who live in Anaheim also enjoy some of the seasonal farmer’s markets where they get to enjoy produce grown nearby.
Residents know they are going to have hot summers and mild winters, meaning they never have to worry about shoveling snow. The average high in Anaheim is just 69.7 degrees, and the average low is about 47.3 degrees.

The people who live in Anaheim and those who visit do not have to wear many layers and usually can go out with a t-shirt and some light pants. Now, it should be noted that Anaheim does get a little rain. This usually happens during the winter, and the rain is not excessive. Showers usually last a day or two before the sun comes back out again.

The culture in Anaheim has become dependent on the nice weather. It is normal to see restaurants with tables outside to accommodate people who want to enjoy the weather while they eat. There are many outlets and malls that give people the opportunity to be out and shop at the same time.

Most of the city is walk-friendly because the weather makes it easy for residents to walk to their destinations or take public transportation. Some choose to go places on their bikes. There is a group of residents who are opting against cars because the city is walk-friendly and the temperature is forgiving.

There is much more to learn about the city and the experience, but most of that can be learned by simply visiting Anaheim. The visitor’s center in Anaheim has been helping tourists for years and want to make sure that every visitor has the best experience while visiting.