Montessori Fullerton, CA

Star Bright Montessori is proud to serve a number of cities in the Orange County area, including Fullerton. Located in northern Orange County, Fullerton is said to have a population of over 135,000 as found in the 2010 census. Fullerton was founded in 1887, and spans close to 22 square miles of land today. The 1970’s brought about a rapid pace of growth in Fullerton in which businesses were revitalized, libraries were built, a cultural center and museum were opened and parks and community centers were developed. Along with these advancements came the rise of educational opportunities. With the prior establishment of Fullerton College in 1913 came the founding of what is now referred to as the California State University of Fullerton (CSUF).

Today, education remains a high priority in the city of Fullerton. Schools in Fullerton are administered by the Fullerton School District. This district offers fifteen elementary schools, three middle school, and two school including all kindergarten through eighth grade. The high schools of Fullerton are supported through the Fullerton Joint Union High School District with five schools in total. Fullerton residents can also appreciate the higher education opportunities of Fullerton College and CSUF.

With the Fullerton School District’s 20 award winning schools, the district prides itself on implementing rigorous and innovative instructional programs in a safe and positive learning and working environment. As it is the district’s goal to help shape the character and intellect of each individual student, we too at Star Bright Montessori strive to encourage our students’ growth in the same aspect. Star Bright Montessori is delighted to be able to serve the Fullerton community in enhancing the growth of every child that attends our school. Our goal is dedicate our resources to ensure that every child’s innate ability and desire to learn is nurtured and developed.