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anaheim preschool Child development begins the moment a baby is born, and it isn’t long before infants begin to explore their environments through their senses. Before they can even crawl or walk, they look, listen, smell, touch, and taste the world, as any parent who has had to quickly remove small objects from an infant’s mouth well knows. And as they grow into toddlers, learning to walk and talk, their quest for knowledge grows right along with their spatial range, their motor skills, and their vocabulary. As a parent, you want to do everything you can to encourage your little sponges to suck up the world around them, and preschool can provide a positive environment in which to foster the growing abilities of young children. In fact, preschool is essential to your child’s development, and the right facilities can offer myriad benefits.

The Benefits of Preschool

One of the obvious benefits of preschool is that it prepares your kids for the structured environment of formal education. Children used to doing as they please at home all day may not adapt well to the school environment. But through the part-time schedule of education, play, and socialization offered by preschool programs, children can become accustomed to the rhythms and expectations associated with attending kindergarten and beyond. While childcare facilities help children acclimate to a social environment, as well as providing time spent away from their parents, preschool has additional educational features designed to prepare kids for the formal learning process. Often, they will begin learning letters, numbers, and other information in preparation for the kindergarten curriculum. And they will be given the opportunity to learn how to interact with teachers and peers in an appropriate manner.

Kids don’t necessarily need to know how to read, write, and perform mathematics when they enter kindergarten, but those who are already familiar with shapes and symbols are more likely to excel. And equally important is their ability to manage their behavior in the classroom setting. Children who attend preschool are taught basic skills like sharing, hand-raising, problem-solving, and refraining from fighting with others. They understand the type of behavior that is expected in the classroom environment and are prepared to interact socially. In addition, placing your child in preschool will help to wean them from needing your constant presence. A child that is suffering from separation anxiety can constitute a major disturbance in the kindergarten setting, where a single teacher may have 20-30 kids. Generally speaking, preschool class sizes are limited to less than 20 students (and sometimes less than 10), so there will be a more favorable teacher-to-student ratio to ensure extra attention for the young pupils that need it.

Finding the right Preschool in Anaheim

Of course, selecting the right preschool program can be difficult. State-funded programs like Head Start are one way to go, but you might also be interested in Montessori programs. These schools provide children with a more creative learning environment that offers students the initiative to drive their own education under guidance and supervision. If you want to encourage your toddlers to develop and explore in a preschool environment that offers structure and socialization, as well as the opportunity to develop a lifelong love of learning, Star Bright Montessori provides exactly the type of program you’re seeking to prepare your kids for their entrance into the educational system.

There is no better investment than early childhood education. Children form lifelong habits and much growth will take place during these formative years, so we are here to make sure they develop their full potential from 2 years of age and well into elementary school years. We prepare them not only for success in Orange County/Anaheim elementary academics but middle school, high school, as well as for a lifetime of success. A leader in the local school district, our center strives to provide the best possible care here at our Montessori Academy. From our location in the 92805 zip code, our campus provides a format for success all year long, including summer. As one of the top preschools in Orange County, we take your child’s success seriously.

About The Great City Of Anaheim, California

Anaheim is located in Orange County, California and it is one of the most popular cities in the state. Also, it’s part of the LA metropolitan area. Commuting between the two cities is convenient for residents of Anaheim and Los Angeles. Orange County has the 10th largest population in the state. Anaheim is the county’s second largest city. With that said, continue to read on to learn more about this city.

The Movies And Shows

Anaheim is popular in part because Disneyland is located there and a number of movies have been filmed in the city. One movie, called Better Luck Tomorrow, was filmed in Anaheim, as well as in Cypress. The film was about Asian-Americans and their experience in America. However, that’s not the only popular movie that has been filmed in the city. Also filmed in Anaheim was the movie A Scanner Darkly, which is about issues of identity and the control of corporations have over humans. It is considered an experimental and futuristic film. It has also garnered a lot of attention that really gets people thinking outside the box.

The show O.C. was filmed in Orange County and as previously mentioned, Anaheim is located in the county. Orange County became even more popular when the show aired. In fact, some people started to visit the area because they loved the show. Angels in the Outfield is another movie, and it was about a boy who wanted the Anaheim Angels to head to the World Series and win it. Angels (real ones) came down and granted the wish to the boy. This movie is family friendly and starts Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Danny Glover and it is a movie that has remained popular throughout the years. As you can see, various films and shows have been filmed in the city. It seems that producers and creators can’t get enough of the city. The same goes for other areas of Orange County.

The Climate

The city is located in Southern California, which means the weather is warm and consistent throughout the year. The climate is considered Mediterranean, which is why it is the perfect place to grow various crops, such as grapes. It’s worth pointing out that there’s many farms and vineyards in the city, and you can pick up various fruits there. People who live in the city love the farmer’s markets that take place there because they can enjoy locally grown produce. Residents enjoy mild winters, but they don’t have to worry about snow storms or anything like that. The average high in the city is nearly 70 degrees, while the average low is around 47 degrees. Both are not bad at all. People who visit Anaheim often find they don’t need to wear layers of clothing and a shirt and light pants is all that they need. However, it doesn’t rain sometimes in the area, which usually occurs during the winter. Showers tend to last a day or two, and then the sun usually comes back out. Anaheim is known for it’s amazing weather, as well as restaurants that have outside seating. People love sitting outdoors when they go out to eat in the city. Not only that, but there’s no shortage of outlets and malls, so you can shop and spend time outdoors at the same time. The city is a great place to walk. In fact, many residents walk to their destinations or they rely on public transportation, but a lot of people get to where they need to go via bikes. The city is walk-friendly, so feel free to do as much walking as you possibly can while there.
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